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2 of → ∞ book scenes that I wish could have been fully included in the show.  (  )

As Diana Gabaldon herself wisely said: ” …wonderful as the show is—and it _is_ wonderful, not the slightest doubt of that—they only have 16 hours of screen time. They can and do capture the essence of the characters and the shape of the story, but there’s no conceivable way that the show can encompass everything in sixteen hours that I did in 305,000 words.So I thought we might have fun—especially those of you who haven’t yet read the book(s)—looking at a few of the Missing Pieces”

#all these moments, during the wedding night and the  following days, in which Jamie insists on the importance of putting honesty as a base for their relationship. #without forcing things or trying to make it all more romantic, when in fact it’s such complicated and conflictual situation for claire. #He speaks to her so calmly without placing any expectations on Claire, recognizing that they will need time and trust to get to really know each other #he does not claim to prevail on her and her life in any way #He’s willing to be left unaware of her past, he just want to be part of her present, as long as there there will be no lies between them… #I’m afraid most of this was lost or rushed in the episode #and it’ a shame, cause it  would have been so useful to explain some of their future reactions, forward in the story..#Instead TV!Jamie  seems just very in love with Claire #over the moon for being married to her #but desperately trying to rein his enthusiasm to not make her feel uncomfortable.

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Harry helping Niall tie his shoe then kissing it 08/22/14

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Someone delete this PLEASE

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gurl, you are the actual cutest human being ever


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LOL. Totally joking, but not really, but I am, lol.

I love Sam’s portrayal, personally. But to each their own!

I’m onto Voyager now and I’ve seen some THINGS that are making me… nervous.

Darn you Laoghaire! DARN YOU!

And darn you too Jamie! Of all the girls. OF ALL THE GIRLS!

I thought I’d be done with the book series by the time the show’s hiatus was over at the rate I went through Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber, but I know I’m not gonna like this development and it’s gonna be HAAAAARRRRD to get through this one… 

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This dance goes with everything

(songs in this video)

Freak Like Me- Adina Howard
Can You Stand The Rain- New Edition
Good Day- Ice Cube
Your Body- Pretty Ricky
Nite & Day- Al B. Sure!

The default swing. 

lol but why was I dancing along though??!?!

Will never not reblog.

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I honestly don’t think Janel & Val should have gotten all 10’s. I saw a lot more jumping around than dancing. But that’s just my opinion

It’s a set up for early elimination because where do you go from there and it’s only week 3. Like Alphonso & Witney killed it first week, but it’s going to be a while before Alphonso gets back to first week, if he does for peaking to soon. Derek/Bethany & Val/Bethany one of these 2 couples are getting bumped before finals. You can already see the set up.

I don’t think Bethany or Jenna deserved a perfect score… They were being verra liberal with those tens.

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